Adventures In Freelancing Comic #1 "Freelance Isn’t Free"

Freelance Isn't Free - Comic by Brookes Eggleston

Our friend Lance is just starting out in freelance, and he’s still got… a lot to learn. It may seem like this sort of client behavior is unavoidable, especially when their mustaches appear so trustworthy, (trustaches, for the uninitiated) and you rush into a project before receiving payment.

Fortunately for us, Brent’s been freelancing a little bit longer, and has some advice ensuring this never happens to you:

How to ensure you get paid every time and never get ripped off:

You may hear “client from hell” stories about freelancers not getting paid, and it is something to worry about if you don’t have a planned process in landing projects.

I’ve luckily never dealt with a client not paying, but that’s because I never do any work without receiving some sort of payment, or at the very least I never deliver workable files.

Before you do any work whatsoever, get a contract signed and a down payment. I typically request 50% upfront, and I use Freshbooks to send my invoices via email.

If a client has an issue with this, then that should raise a red flag. Clients should have full trust in your services, and in no way should you do any work to prove your worth.

After you’ve received the down payment and you’ve finished your work, be sure to request the final payment before you deliver any final files. If you’re designing a logo, send concepts at a smaller size in which the client can’t do anything with them. This will help in the case of a client getting a workable file and running with it.

It’s a privilege to be talking to you on Your Freelance Career! Brent and I are both excited about this project, and hope you’ll look forward to the coming monthly installments! If you’re looking for me elsewhere on the internet, check out my bio!


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