How to Generate Consistent Freelance Work Without Chasing After Clients

Stop Chasing After Clients to Find Freelance Work

Are you struggling to find clients consistently? Let me guess: since you started freelancing, you’ve experimented with nearly every method of finding clients. You’ve poured hours into job sites, cold-emailing potential clients every day, walking into offices, passing out your business cards – you’ve tried it all at least once. It’s hard work trying to…

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The Importance of Values

Importance of Values

Running a freelance business doesn’t have to be so black and white, and you don’t have to operate like a corporation or brick and mortar agency to make good money. There’s a misconception that freelancers are more susceptible to being taken advantage of by the client. This can be true, but only by your own…

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4 Principles That Will Save Your Failing Freelance Business

4 Principles of Freelancing

Has your monthly revenue been slowly decreasing? How about client work – is it sparse? Do you feel like as a result of your freelance business flatlining, you’re going into radio silence mode? As a freelancer it’s embarrassing to acknowledge when you’re struggling. Sometimes you’d rather lay in bed than to face the world. Trust…

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What Makes Your Business Different?

What makes your business different

As a creative freelancer, you no doubt have strong competition to contend with. With 40% of the workforce turning to freelancing as a career by 2020 (says Business Insider), it’s no surprise why competition is fierce. So what do you need to do to stand out and win business?…

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