Attract More Freelance Work With Better Pricing

Like many freelancers, you’re probably insecure about your pricing. How do you accurately price non-commodity work? How do you compare one professional’s work to another? How do you determine what’s fair to charge when you’re dealing with abstract concepts like the effectiveness of writing, the cleanliness of code, or the beauty of a design? Truthfully,…

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Having the Guts to Never Negotiate Your Freelance Rate

Never Negotiate Your Freelance Rate

Wouldn’t it be great if every client paid exactly what your time was worth? That’d be ideal, but in reality, most clients will arbitrarily ask for a lower cost for the sake of getting a discount. If you asked me last year, “What would you do if a client’s ideal budget was 25% or even…

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How to Set Your Freelance Rates & Never Get Ripped Off Again

Freelance hourly rate

Figuring out how to price your freelance services is tough. Especially if you’re just getting started. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there and the topic itself can be daunting. I’m focused on helping other freelancers be successful, so in this post I share what I know about freelance pricing and how to ensure…

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3 Ways to drastically improve your freelance business

Imagine if you could focus on your client projects more or spend the time working on your own ideas, without having to worry about chasing leads or driving sales as much. That might sound too good to be true, but it’s possible. There are successful freelancers out there making a living by selling their own…

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