5 Ways to Prevent Non-Payment and Recover Unpaid Wages as a Freelancer

  Working as a freelancer provides a handful of VERY attractive benefits: Flexibility to set your most productive working conditions Independence to ditch the 9-5 slog and watercooler politics Freedom to choose specific projects that suit your skills and interests Autonomy to build your own brand and choose your own hours However, all of this…

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The financial struggles of being a freelance graphic designer

Freelance Finance Struggles

In 2011 I left my part-time job to freelance full-time. I was fresh out of college, still living with my parents, and could barely keep over $500 in my bank account. I had yet to find my voice or really establish myself as a freelancer. I continued to struggle with finding client work. I had…

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Freelance Graphic Design Contract [SAMPLE]


DISCLAIMER: The information in this freelance contract is a sample based on the author’s experience, knowledge, and opinions. Users of this sample freelance contract are advised to do their own due diligence when it comes to making business decisions and all information should be independently verified by your own qualified professionals. By reading this article,…

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Someone stole my logo! Now what?

Someone stole my logo

There will be a time in your freelance career where you really start to make a name for yourself. You’re getting awesome clients, doing awesome work, and it’s only going up hill. However, with success comes scammers, trolls, and the most commonly, people that copy, “borrow”, or blatantly steal your design work. Has that happened…

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How To Invoice Freelance Clients and Get Paid Online


You know how to do the work, you’ve landed the clients, and now it’s time to make some money! So how do you actually go about getting paid for the work you do? That’s exactly what I’m going to share with you in this post: how to invoice your clients for the work you do…

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