Kaleigh Moore
Producer of Value-packed Content Marketing for
SaaS and ECommerce Businesses



This week, we’re joined by Kaleigh Moore, a freelance writer who focuses on developing value-packed blog content for SaaS and ECommerce companies.

Like many freelancers, Kaleigh’s professional experiences prior to becoming an independent creative are quite diverse:

  • First, she was a writer and photographer for a print magazine in her home state
  • She also managed public relations campaign for a hunger relief organization
  • Later, she launched and operated a thriving ecommerce business focused on selling vintage jewelry

Eventually, Kaleigh made the transition from traditional employee to freelancer, focusing her efforts on providing messaging strategy consulting and blog content development services to software companies and ecommerce platforms.

In addition to her independent consulting practice, Kaleigh also heads up a new project called Yeah Write Clubserves as a freelance coach and mentor for Paul Jarvis’ Creative Class, and publishes a blog and newsletter that are focused on helping readers build a better freelance business (especially writers).

Kaleigh is the perfect person to answer questions about:

  • How to develop a messaging strategy and editorial calendar that help move your business forward
  • How to lay the foundation for a successful freelance business when you’re moonlighting or just starting out
  • The best ways to leverage your web copy, blog content, or social media presence to differentiate your business in a crowd of similar service providers

We asked Kaleigh to join us because her story is relatable (going from working for “the man” to working for yourself) and she has plenty of impressive portfolio pieces to bolster her credibility as a freelance advisor.

Got questions about content marketing or building a freelance practice that grows like a weed?

Submit your question below and Kaleigh will be around to drop some knowledge bombs for you!