Mark Fromson

Founder of LocalSolo, A Curated Talent Network
of over 26,000 Freelancers

Mark Fromson


This week, we’re joined by Mark Fromson, a man of many talents.

Mark specializes in freelance digital project management and user experience architecture. He is also the co-founder of, a curated talent network of more than 26,000 local freelancers in 100 major market cities around the world, and Third Person, a digital agency in Vancouver, Canada.

As an independent consultant, Mark has drawn from more than 20 years of experience working for top-tier digital marketing and advertising agencies to land clients like Starbucks, Sony, Nike, and Adobe.

As a co-founder of LocalSolo, Mark is focused on helping companies connect with the most talented freelancers in their area. Clients are able to make a direct connection with a technical expert in their city and freelancers are able to tap into a growing market of contract opportunities.

As a digital agency owner, he assists other agencies with recruiting and staff augmentation, and sub-contracts for agencies himself. He also puts together and manages freelance teams for direct client projects that come his way.

When he’s not delivering client work or helping other freelancers find clients of their own, Mark fills his time with some interesting hobbies, including:

  • Diving – Mark was a member of the Canadian national diving team, a professional acrobat and a certified FINA international diving judge.
  • Surfing – Mark has ridden waves in 17 different countries!
  • Travel – Although he has roots in Vancouver, Mark has visited 47 countries, five of which were so nice he decided to stay a little longer and earn a living internationally!

Mark is the perfect person to answer questions about:

  • Technical skills like project management, user experience design, information architecture, or functional analysis.
  • The “ins and outs” of running a successful digital agency, sourcing and contracting freelance talent, reviewing and taking action on RFPs and proposals, or forming sub-contracting relationships with agencies in your area.
  • How to become a successful agency sub-contractor and sell yourself to agencies as a go-to freelance team member.
  • The benefits of freelance marketplaces – like LocalSolo and others – and how to optimize your profile/activity to ensure that you get the most value from your presence there.
  • How to become a location independent freelancer who can travel the world, experience amazing locations, people, food, and culture, all without putting your freelancing practice on hold.

We asked Mark to join us because of his vast and varied experience, both as a freelancer and someone who is also building a platform to help freelancers be more successful.

Got questions about creating a startup while you freelance, how you can become a part-time digital nomad, land more clients in your local market, or make the transition from independent freelancer to running a digital agency?

Submit your question below and Mark will be around to drop some knowledge bombs for you!