Mojca Mars
Facebook Ads Expert

Super Spicy Media


This week, we’re handing the microphone over to Mojca Mars. Mojca is the definition of an ultimate rebel. She dropped out of college and started building a successful career at an advertising agency.

Little did she know, just 1.5 years later she would be fired for trying to move the agency into digital marketing.

After getting let go, Mojca went on to launch her own boutique agency, Super Spicy Media, which specializes in designing, executing, and optimizing Facebook ad campaigns.

Mojca’s work focuses on helping businesses generate more leads and increase profits with Facebook advertising so they can devote more of their time to other aspects of their business.

She’s currently working with multimillion-dollar companies from around the globe to develop marketing funnels for their businesses and implement them in the Facebook advertising ecosystem.

Mojca is also an international speaker and author of the Facebook Ads Manual: Everything You Know To Get Started.

Mojca is the perfect person to answer questions like:

  • How do I get started using Facebook ads to promote my services without throwing money down the drain?
  • What kind of metrics should I be looking for when it comes to a Facebook ad campaign? What are the benchmarks?
  • What are the most important elements (Ex: graphics, copy, targeting) to get right when it comes to Facebook advertising?

She can also share insights from her experience productizing her services and generating new client relationships by being an outstanding guest for podcasts, webinars, and AMAs (like this one!)

Got something on your mind?

Drop your question below and Mojca will be around to drop some knowledge bombs for you!


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