Pricing projects – cash/equity

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Mark Fromson

Hi Kristy, sure, here are some tips: 1) Use a task or to do tracker application like Todoist, Asana, Basecamp or Trello to track all the things you have to do across all your projects. Assign them to yourself and your teammates. Establish due dates and set the applications to send reminders. Every time you think of something, track it, don't wait until later or you might forget. 2) Each morning, review your tasks across all projects and do a quick prioritization. Then tackle the most pressing items, in order. 3) For a few hour periods during the day, turn off all your notifications, email and chat programs so you can focus on the tasks with no distractions. You'll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with no interruptions. Cheers, Mark

Christy Westerfeld

Hi Patrice! Great questions. I need a bit more information: when you mention your consulting agreements, are these the agreements between you and the freelancers, or you and the company that has hired you to manage the project? Also, are you responsible for hiring the developers/designers, or do you come in and manage individuals who have been hired by the company? In general, you would want to have a provision in the contract regarding payment (including when, how, and the amount you are paid, as well as what happens in the event a team member does not complete the work). You would also want to address ownership of the work created for each project, if you are responsible for hiring your team for each project. Each of your concerns can be addressed ahead of time in the agreement, to make sure both you and the party hiring you are on the same page regarding payment and the issues you outlined. I would definitely reach out to an attorney to draft the agreement for you, to make sure you are protecting your business!

I am putting together a website for my software consulting business. What key content should I include?

Hey Zach, I like the site. A couple things I would recommend are focusing more on your nitch and what exactly you're offering people. It looks to me like you mostly do early stage versions of products. Maybe talk more about what make's you good at that. The other big thing that's missing from your site are examples of your work. That's often the most important thing people will want to see. In my experience consultancy websites very rarely generate leads. They're almost always used by your potential clients to validate as someone to hire. Either because someone referred them to you or their clicking on your email footer. Given that I would tailor your site more to that use case. Clients are rarely technical and they care a lot more about what you can do for them as opposed to the tech that you can use to do it. Hope that helps some.

Why remote working is the future of research and innovation

When we think of remote working or the term ‘digital nomad’, we are likely to conjure up images of people lying under coconut trees in exotic locations, typing away into laptops. In reality, however, remote working is already part of our daily lives and is becoming as ‘normal’ as an office/desk job. We’re all turning […]