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Here is one freelancer’s approach to sharing case studies that blew my mind…

Hey everyone, First, I want to explicitly state that I have no personal connection to Ran Segall or Lusha, so this isn’t some thinly-veiled promotion for their content. In fact, we’re working with Ran to try to get him to join us for an AMA and I stumbled upon this video on his YouTube channel. […]

Sarah Doody

Hi @rodrigo-acevedo I can't recommend just one book, but those are two good ones. I'd also check out Steve Portigal's book "Interviewing Users" and Just Enough Research by Erika HIll I also have a ton of material about research ... Check out my Medium account for a lot of research and UX articles: And here's a little series of lessons I send by email about "how to get buy-in for user research": To promote UX research as a priority, I always say to people that research is an investment. Actually here's another article of mine that comes to mind "Why you can't afford to skip user research" My UX mantra ... good one. I think I have 2 ... "the education of a designer is never over" as well as "look beyond the immediate".