Ruben Gamez

Glad to see you here, Ruben! Some freelance disciplines get more pushback about justifying ROI than others. For example, a client might find it difficult to pull the trigger on a copywriting project or contracting a designer for PPC ads because they can't directly tie that activity to new revenue. What is your advice to freelancers who might be facing this challenge? How should they prepare for this line of questioning during the sales process and when presenting their proposal? has ruined my life

TLDR: support agent single-handedly ruined my life. is ruining my life, and the lives of thousands of contractors, it’s not to be trusted nor used. My review is long but worth reading and will show you how no one in their right mind, should use it.

Strategies for Forming Stronger (and More Fruitful) Client Relationships

Making sure your inbox is always full of opportunities is a universal pain for almost every freelancer and agency owner. In my experience, one of the best ways to achieve this is by maximizing the value of every client relationship you build. And in an article I recently published on the DF blog, I’ve put […]

Philip Morgan

@philip-morgan thanks for doing this! I'm getting back into consulting/freelancing after selling my SaaS business. The thing I do best is new SaaS product development. Currently my messaging is positioned for SaaS startup founders. I have a development process that can turn around an MVP in a very short amount of time. I also do value pricing rather than hourly. Nevertheless, as you might guess with this horizontal positioning it's very hard to identify leads and find the right people to talk to. I see the power of specialization but I'm having a very hard time knowing what vertical to pick. What advice do you have for someone who is just starting out with no client base to choose a vertical?