So what’s PM freelancing all about?

In an interview with a really fantastic and humble project manager (me!) Will Sykora from Covailnt grills me about project management in the freelance world. If you think you don’t need a PM, then read this and tell me in the comments why I’m totally wrong!

Mark Fromson

Hi Kristy, sure, here are some tips: 1) Use a task or to do tracker application like Todoist, Asana, Basecamp or Trello to track all the things you have to do across all your projects. Assign them to yourself and your teammates. Establish due dates and set the applications to send reminders. Every time you think of something, track it, don't wait until later or you might forget. 2) Each morning, review your tasks across all projects and do a quick prioritization. Then tackle the most pressing items, in order. 3) For a few hour periods during the day, turn off all your notifications, email and chat programs so you can focus on the tasks with no distractions. You'll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with no interruptions. Cheers, Mark

Short interview

Hey Anton! This is a fine question to ask FC :) I run an agency myself and I'd love to chat with you and your team. Shoot me an email: Cheers!

The counter-intuitive link between emotional intelligence & tech

While some industries are struggling with how to implement remote work, in the tech industry, well known for its progressive practices it’s pretty much the norm. While it might seem counter-intuitive, emotional intelligence is more important than technological wizardy when it comes to managing distributed teams. Continuing the theme of emotional intelligence, this week I […]

Working globally? Need to figure out what time it is for everyone on your team?

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What is freelance project management, anyways?

Freelance anything is hard to get into at first. My friend and wise PM Natalie wrote about freelance project management a little while back. You don’t find freelance PMs as often as freelance developers, so this is a great way to understand how this works.