What is the best website for freelancing work?

Linkedin it’s currently my primary source of clients for my B2B lead generation agency. I’ll tell you exactly the steps I use to generate 5 to 10 leads per week only with Linkedin Lead Generation. It is NOW the moment to leverage Linkedin’s full potential. In the future, this social network will start to get overcrowded (see Instagram and other ones that in the past were money-printers for the first ones who fully understood them.) How to leverage Linkedin to generate leads? Use your personal account to post relevant content. Don’t put external links (if you really have to, write them in the first comment and tell people to look at it) as the post which includes them are penalized by the Linkedin algorithm that tends to make people remain in their platform. Use Quuu.co. If you want contents related to your niche posted every day on your account, but don’t expect an engagement from those. The best posts come from your stories, what you’d learned, and they give the hell out of value to your audience. Select your target audience. Just hit the search button and look for the location, title/position, etc. where your leads are. Optimize your profile. Treat it like a sales letter, but more related to your person. Firstly, write something eye-catching on your headline, for instance, “Contact me if you want to generate more leads for your B2B Business.” Then the first paragraph should be customer oriented (explaining the benefits of working with you/your company.) After you can tell more about yourself, and of your story if you’d like to. Here you can check my profile to have some inspiration. Start with the automation. Download “Linkedhelper” (better) or “GPZWeb” (still good) to automate the following actions: Profile Views. People will visit-back and see your “optimized profile” (see point 3.) And many times they’ll contact you. Connect with 1,000 People, including a 1 line message (less-salesy messages get a higher-acceptance rate.) Send a Direct message with an intro summary & calendly/ web/email link to everyone who accepts (better if you wait one day after they accepted your connection request.) ** MAJOR KEY ALERT** A high-quality copy of the message is KEY for succeeding. Try to stand out with humor or creative ways (thanks, Jon Buchan). I get five messages per day from people pitching me SEO services which go straight to the trash bin, while my messages, not to brag, get a very high response rate Reply to your messages, and watch the leads roll in! I repeat! Linkedin (and his automation) will soon get less effective as more and more people are starting to do it. So, do it now (the same applies to Facebook groups, see the third paragraph) and you’ll be ahead of 99,9%. Another thing, stick with the limits, check out the Linkedhelper FAQ for more

Why Sales is Far More Than a “Necessary Evil” for Professional Freelancers

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I am putting together a website for my software consulting business. What key content should I include?

Hey Zach, I like the site. A couple things I would recommend are focusing more on your nitch and what exactly you're offering people. It looks to me like you mostly do early stage versions of products. Maybe talk more about what make's you good at that. The other big thing that's missing from your site are examples of your work. That's often the most important thing people will want to see. In my experience consultancy websites very rarely generate leads. They're almost always used by your potential clients to validate as someone to hire. Either because someone referred them to you or their clicking on your email footer. Given that I would tailor your site more to that use case. Clients are rarely technical and they care a lot more about what you can do for them as opposed to the tech that you can use to do it. Hope that helps some.

Short interview

Hey Anton! This is a fine question to ask FC :) I run an agency myself and I'd love to chat with you and your team. Shoot me an email: connor@digitalfreelancer.io Cheers!

New customers

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Please help me to enhance our virtual working community!

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Hi all,

Does anyone familier with a slack group for freelancers in the US? TNX

Are you interested on exploring Funding approach?

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Getting My First Client

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i just finished a project for my client and realized that i (stupidly) never discussed compensation prior to the gig. what is the best way to go about doing it?

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