What is the best website for freelancing work?

When I started out freelancing, the best places to find leads were a handful of different job boards (hacker news with their "who's hiring thread", reddit... even craigslist). I stayed away from marketplaces like Upwork, etc (a recommend that anyone serious about building their business/brand do the same) because they're typically a race to the bottom, and you get commoditized. After taking on jobs from these sources for a while, I was able to build out my network enough to more or less keep my pipeline full through referrals and invitations to bid on projects.

Why Sales is Far More Than a “Necessary Evil” for Professional Freelancers

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I am putting together a website for my software consulting business. What key content should I include?

Hey Zach, I like the site. A couple things I would recommend are focusing more on your nitch and what exactly you're offering people. It looks to me like you mostly do early stage versions of products. Maybe talk more about what make's you good at that. The other big thing that's missing from your site are examples of your work. That's often the most important thing people will want to see. In my experience consultancy websites very rarely generate leads. They're almost always used by your potential clients to validate as someone to hire. Either because someone referred them to you or their clicking on your email footer. Given that I would tailor your site more to that use case. Clients are rarely technical and they care a lot more about what you can do for them as opposed to the tech that you can use to do it. Hope that helps some.

New customers

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Please help me to enhance our virtual working community!

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Short interview

Hey Anton! This is a fine question to ask FC :) I run an agency myself and I'd love to chat with you and your team. Shoot me an email: connor@digitalfreelancer.io Cheers!

Are you interested on exploring Funding approach?

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Hi all,

Does anyone familier with a slack group for freelancers in the US? TNX

i just finished a project for my client and realized that i (stupidly) never discussed compensation prior to the gig. what is the best way to go about doing it?

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