5 Pricing Strategies for Freelancers


Freelancing can be a lucrative career path. You have the freedom to set your own goals and to price your services as you see fit. Yet for many freelancers, pricing becomes a self-defeating feature of their business.

Getting My First Client

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So what’s PM freelancing all about?


In an interview with a really fantastic and humble project manager (me!) Will Sykora from Covailnt grills me about project management in the freelance world. If you think you don’t need a PM, then read this and tell me in the comments why I’m totally wrong!

Furstrated when your email pitch just gets ignored?


This is a post for freelance editorial people – writers, journalists, editors, photographers etc. I run a blog about how to be a travel writer (I was the senior producer for CNN Travel for 5years, have launched several travel/lifestyle content websites in last few years, have been a freelance writer myself for several years). When […]

Freelancer.com has ruined my life


TLDR: Freelancer.com support agent single-handedly ruined my life. Freelancer.com is ruining my life, and the lives of thousands of contractors, it’s not to be trusted nor used. My review is long but worth reading and will show you how no one in their right mind, should use it.

New customers

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The 37 Tools Every Freelancer MUST Have


You’re probably pretty psyched about these 37 tools, huh? It’s easy to get sucked into overthinking the tools and tactics of your freelance business, whether you’re just starting off or you’ve been doing it for decades. But these things are mostly a distraction. In software development this would be called “yak shaving”. Of course it’s […]

Why remote working is the future of research and innovation


When we think of remote working or the term ‘digital nomad’, we are likely to conjure up images of people lying under coconut trees in exotic locations, typing away into laptops. In reality, however, remote working is already part of our daily lives and is becoming as ‘normal’ as an office/desk job. We’re all turning […]

What is freelance project management, anyways?


Freelance anything is hard to get into at first. My friend and wise PM Natalie wrote about freelance project management a little while back. You don’t find freelance PMs as often as freelance developers, so this is a great way to understand how this works.

Will The Most Freelance-Friendly Generation Reshape the Future of Work?


The jury’s out — freelancing is now more popular with our generation than any other: “They are choosing freelancing as a way to work moreso than any other generation,” says Rich Pearson, senior vice president of marketing for Upwork. “The data is showing that with each new generation more people are participating in freelancing.”