Krishna Shastry

Hi Krishna! If most of the people here are like me, they aren’t experts at coding, design, copywriting, AND promotion. It looks like Lander helps with a lot of that, but it’s always nice to have a playbook to follow for the skills that we might not be proficient in. So, if you were advising someone who was building their first landing page...let’s say it’s for a webinar where they will teach potential clients how to do something...what are the 3-5 components you would categorize as “must haves?” Even better, what is a field-tested page structure or copywriting sequence that anyone can use as a framework to launch their first landing page and start driving conversions? Thanks for your time!

AWS EC2 T2 Instances Demystified: Don’t Learn The Hard Way

A primer meant to demystify the often understand AWS T2 burst instance.

Dropbox Launches “Showcases,” a way to share your files with clients as a branded “Collection”

Hey everybody! Just wanted to share a new feature that has been rolled out by our friends at Dropbox. If you’re on a “Professional” plan, you can now share files with clients in a branded collection that feels something like a portfolio or a mood board. For those of us who already use Dropbox, this […]

The 37 Tools Every Freelancer MUST Have

You’re probably pretty psyched about these 37 tools, huh? It’s easy to get sucked into overthinking the tools and tactics of your freelance business, whether you’re just starting off or you’ve been doing it for decades. But these things are mostly a distraction. In software development this would be called “yak shaving”. Of course it’s […]

Working globally? Need to figure out what time it is for everyone on your team?

I am so bad at math and geography – figuring out what time to have a standup when my team consists of people from Australia, Belgium, Nigeria, Sweden, and US east coast was a nightmare. I found this gem online and have been using it ever since. You can use the slider to see what […]