When we think of remote working or the term ‘digital nomad’, we are likely to conjure up images of people lying under coconut trees in exotic locations, typing away into laptops. In reality, however, remote working is already part of our daily lives and is becoming as ‘normal’ as an office/desk job. We’re all turning into digital nomads – all you need is a dependable Internet connection! Online, international collaborations are breaking geographical and financial barriers, paving the way for exciting new ideas and practices. When it comes to research and innovation, remote work is of particular importance as it allows access to far-flung talent and resources that were previously unreachable. Science labs can now reach out to other labs who might have the resources that they don’t to perform an experiment. Startups can now hire flexible, cost-effective R&D teams or individual experts. The following examples show how businesses and researchers are working together, independent of location, to solve challenges.

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