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Press Kit and Brand Guidelines

Company Overview

Digital Freelancer is the web’s most comprehensive resource for independent creatives who want to take their business to the next level. We provide training, tools, and community support that helps thousands of digital freelancers build and sustain thriving independent businesses.

Team and Mission

Connor Black
Connor Black

Connor Black made a lot of mistakes when he started out as a freelancer. Eventually, he figured out how to go from an independent creative to heading up a multi-million dollar agency, but not without some bumps and bruises along the way.

Frustrated with the fact that most established content producers were focused on promoting inspirational puff pieces and selling info products, Connor started Digital Freelancer as a way to provide freelancers with actionable advice around scaling their business. As a point of differentiation, Digital Freelancer not only teaches creatives what they should be doing, but also how to get it done.

At its core, Digital Freelancer is designed to shift the perspective that most freelancers have about their business. You’re not a transactional service provider, you’re an independent business owner.

With a small team of veteran freelancers and member success professionals at his back, Connor is laser-focused on building out a suite of training, tools, and a thriving online community that will allow thousands of freelancers to achieve their dream of freedom and fulfillment.

Resources for Freelancers

Digital Freelancer currently offers the following products and services:


An always-free library of theories, strategies, and lessons learned while launching and scaling a freelance business. Visitors can search for a solution to their immediate problem or subscribe for ongoing updates through the email newsletter.


Premium members get access to a series of weekly email lessons that focus on delivering a single, highly actionable insight that freelancers can instantly apply to level up their business. These lessons close the gap between what you should be doing and how you can actually get it done. Weekly lessons are currently only available to premium members as part of their $99/month membership.

#Freelance Chat

An online Slack community that brings together 1,000+ independent creatives who share knowledge, make connections, find new work, and learn how to run their business more effectively. Premium members get access to private channels, where they are able to network in a more exclusive environment, and also have more face time with Digital Freelancer's mentors and Community Leaders.


Community, at it's core, is an extension of #Freelance. Focused on the same collaborative environment, Community allows members to share articles and resources, ask and answer questions, discuss various topics of interest, attend AMAs and webinars, and browse a curate freelance job board.

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