How I go beyond client work to diversify my freelance income

How I Diversify My Freelance Income

In order to build a reliable income for your freelance business you must go beyond client work. Don’t just trade your time for money. Instead, work hard now. Develop multiple streams of income with the skills you already have and continually reap the benefits over time. With client work, there’s always the possibility of it…

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How to get your freelance website to work for you

How to build a freelance website

Do you really need a website for your freelance business? Are you unsure if it would really benefit what you do? I’ve made thousands of dollars from product sales (averaging a little over a hundred dollars a month this year), and I haven’t had to do any hardcore cold-calling for client work in a long…

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5 Ridiculously Easy Steps To Automate Your Client Service Process

How to easy automate freelancing processes

Consistently providing excellent client service is hard work, and can sometimes lead to mistakes. However, it’s not that we don’t want to “wow” our clients, sometimes we just miss things, after all, we’re only human right? But what if there was a way to ensure that your new clients were impressed with you every single time?…

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