How to get the full value from the content you consume

Consuming Content

How many blog posts do you read each week? Why do you choose to read those articles specifically? Chances are it’s because you’re looking to learn something new or to view someone elses perspective on a certain topic. There’s a plethora of content for every subject you can think of, and it’s all accessible at…

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Someone stole my logo! Now what?

Someone stole my logo

There will be a time in your freelance career where you really start to make a name for yourself. You’re getting awesome clients, doing awesome work, and it’s only going up hill. However, with success comes scammers, trolls, and the most commonly, people that copy, “borrow”, or blatantly steal your design work. Has that happened…

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Being a Jack of All Trades Vs. a Master of One

Jack of All Trades Vs. Master of One

A client recently asked me how I decided which services I offer. Initially, I thought it was a silly question, but after giving it some thought, it became more clear. It turned out the client wanted to know why I offer lots of different services, instead of just one or two. I like to call…

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How I go beyond client work to diversify my freelance income

How I Diversify My Freelance Income

In order to build a reliable income for your freelance business you must go beyond client work. Don’t just trade your time for money. Instead, work hard now. Develop multiple streams of income with the skills you already have and continually reap the benefits over time. With client work, there’s always the possibility of it…

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