Dropping Bad Clients and Attracting Good Ones

Dropping bad clients

I got an email today that gave me a rush of good feelings. I was suddenly filled with excitement, inspiration, and joy. No, it wasn’t that I had an inheritance waiting for me in Africa, but it was from one of my favorite spiritual teachers announcing a new workshop. I didn’t even plan on attending. Just…

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The Daily Routine of a Freelancer [Open Discussion]

I really enjoy reading how other freelancers go about their day. How they start, when they get most of their work done, and when they do their mundane tasks. There are countless variations to how you could spend your day, so I would like to start an open discussion in the comments of this post…

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How to start your freelance business while attending school

Freelancing while in school

Starting a freelance business at any age can be tough, and there are lots of factors to think about before getting started, though, starting a freelance business whilst at school is definitely one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. In this post, you’ll learn exactly how to go about starting your freelance business whilst…

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