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Win More Freelance Jobs with These 5 Cold Email Strategies

We all know that being a freelancer has its ups and downs. On the plus side, you have freedom, flexibility, and unlimited earning potential. On the down side, whether or not you hit your income goals is directly dependent on your ability to go out and land new clients/projects. For a long time my outreach […]

The 37 Tools Every Freelancer MUST Have

You’re probably pretty psyched about these 37 tools, huh? It’s easy to get sucked into overthinking the tools and tactics of your freelance business, whether you’re just starting off or you’ve been doing it for decades. But these things are mostly a distraction. In software development this would be called “yak shaving”. Of course it’s […] has ruined my life

TLDR: support agent single-handedly ruined my life. is ruining my life, and the lives of thousands of contractors, it’s not to be trusted nor used. My review is long but worth reading and will show you how no one in their right mind, should use it.

An Interesting Pitch/Negotiation Tactic to Consider

There is some risk/reward to this strategy, but I thought it was an interesting take that could potentially work out for freelancers that want to raise their rates. In a nutshell, you come in with a rate that is substantially above the upper range of the client’s stated budget. The theory is that this does […]

Dropbox Launches “Showcases,” a way to share your files with clients as a branded “Collection”

Hey everybody! Just wanted to share a new feature that has been rolled out by our friends at Dropbox. If you’re on a “Professional” plan, you can now share files with clients in a branded collection that feels something like a portfolio or a mood board. For those of us who already use Dropbox, this […]


The best way to protect yourself from disputes for independent contracting work is to start the project off by writing a solid statement of work or contract. Having the client agree to it and sign it before you begin. I take you through how to do this on my guest post below. Love to hear […]

Working globally? Need to figure out what time it is for everyone on your team?

I am so bad at math and geography – figuring out what time to have a standup when my team consists of people from Australia, Belgium, Nigeria, Sweden, and US east coast was a nightmare. I found this gem online and have been using it ever since. You can use the slider to see what […]

Why remote working is the future of research and innovation

When we think of remote working or the term ‘digital nomad’, we are likely to conjure up images of people lying under coconut trees in exotic locations, typing away into laptops. In reality, however, remote working is already part of our daily lives and is becoming as ‘normal’ as an office/desk job. We’re all turning […]

Will The Most Freelance-Friendly Generation Reshape the Future of Work?

The jury’s out — freelancing is now more popular with our generation than any other: “They are choosing freelancing as a way to work moreso than any other generation,” says Rich Pearson, senior vice president of marketing for Upwork. “The data is showing that with each new generation more people are participating in freelancing.”

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