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1. What's your targeted annual income?

Estimate and sum up all of your annual costs (personal and business).

2. How many hours do you intend to bill per week?

Be realistic — The number of billable hours is different from the actual hours you'll work. You could work 40+ hours a week, but may only bill for around 10–20 of them.

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Factor in your current skill level, experience, and service demand for your target market. This may fluctuate your hourly rate by ± $10–30.

If you’re used to working a full-time job, your hourly rate as a freelancer might seem high, but you have to consider health insurance, additional tax burdens, and that a significant portion of your time will be spent on un-billable work (like finding and negotiating with clients). Once you consider these factors, your adjusted hourly rate will be much lower.